Custom-Designed Mouthguards

While good hygiene and preventative dental care can help protect young smiles from most common dental concerns, children who play sports are at a heightened risk of accidental damage that could prove disastrous. These risks are mitigated with the use of sports mouthguards, which your general dentist can custom-design for optimal comfort and function. A store-bought mouthguard can offer some level of protection, but designed specifically for your child’s teeth, a custom guard can provide significantly more protection in a more comfortable manner.

Keeping Children’s Teeth Strong

Custom-designed sports mouthguards are an important protective measure for athletic children, but all children require good hygiene and regular preventative care to keep their teeth strong and healthy. For the best results, make sure to bring your children to your dentist’s office for routine exams and cleanings at least once every six months, and bring their mouthguards so your dentist can ensure that they are still a good fit.