Sign Up for a Dental Plan

By signing up for a direct dental plan, the costs of every preventive, cosmetic, restorative, Invisalign®, implant, and prosthetic dental treatment you receive will follow Doctors Network’s highly reduced fee schedule (see fee schedule below).
Here is How It Works

A direct dental plan is a membership program with your local dentist, much like a membership, that grants you access to unprecedented savings on every aspect of your dental care. You can save up to 90% on your dental treatments by enrolling in this plan, and maintaining your membership only requires a small monthly fee and a one-time signup fee, which is determined by your general dentist.
How Much Can You Save?

Without dental insurance, even the costs of routine preventive care can quickly become unsustainable, especially for families. Because of annual maximums, fluctuating deductibles, and denied claims on certain procedures, even patients with seemingly low cost dental insurance often find their dental coverage inadequate. With a direct dental plan, the prices of your treatment will never be a surprise, and they will always be significantly discounted (sometimes by up to 90%). For example, under our fee schedule*, the costs of common treatments include:

  • Checkups and cleanings (including X-rays) = $25

  • Urgent Care/Emergency Exams and X-rays = $25

  • Tooth Fillings = $35 - $65

  • Dental Crowns = $500

  • Dental Implants (not including the crown) = $600

  • Invisalign® = $2,000 - $3,000
*To access the complete fee schedule, click here.
doctors network cost
Check-ups, x-rays & Cleanings
$75 - 150
Root Canals
$600 - 900
Dental Implants
$100 - $150
$3000 - 4000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
Benefits of Doctors Network’s Dental Plan

Direct dental plans offer a much-needed lifeline to essential dental care for patients who do not have dental insurance, most notably because they make dental treatment consistently more affordable. Compared to most PPO and DMO insurance plans, such as Delta Dental, Aetna, Guardian, Cigna Dental, MetLife Dental, direct plans offer a myriad of additional benefits, including:
Signing Up Is Easy!

While Doctors Network direct dental plans are provided through dentists across the United States, patients within the network are able to develop a closer and more trustworthy bond with their dentists by dealing with them directly. Instead of signing up through a faceless, out-of-town insurance company who then reimburses your dentist, a direct dental plan allows you and your dentist to collaborate personally on your dental care. To sign up, simply ask your dentist about joining Doctors Network, or click on our Find a Doctor option to find a provider near you who is in the network.