About Us

When you visit your doctor or dentist, a lot stands between you and the care your provider delivers, even though you’re only a few feet apart from each other. Much of that interference comes from third-party insurance companies that charge steep fees. Doctors Network was formed by a group of providers who decided that excellent healthcare is best delivered directly to the patient. Their collective goal is to make that excellent care more affordable by eliminating middle-man insurance companies.
Within Doctors Network, participating doctors set a low monthly fee that gives patients access to vital medical and dental health care services. Without third-party insurance in the middle, doctors can set much more cost effective rates for higher quality care. With significantly more affordable medical and dental plans, patients are more capable of maintaining optimal health with routine preventative and diagnostic visits. This makes them more likely to avoid the need for more extensive and costly treatments in the future.
As Doctors Network continues to grow, the select group of providers continues to work toward a shared vision. The network makes quality care more attainable for uninsured and underinsured patients, helping doctors successfully treat more people who need expert healthcare but can’t afford to pay the exorbitant prices that insurance companies charge.
If your favorite physician, dentist, or specialist isn’t currently in Doctors Network, then have them contact Doctors Network today. Or, email us your provider’s contact information at info@doctorsnetwork.com, and one of our representatives will reach out. Joining the network as a provider is free and easy, and the ability to set their own rates has helped doctors and dentists untangle themselves from complicated and costly webs of third-party insurance contracts.
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