Snoring is a common affliction that millions of people experience, though relatively few consider it a serious problem. The truth, however, is that snoring is more than just a nuisance; the phenomenon can force you to work harder for less oxygen, which can eventually lead to an increased risk of several chronic health concerns. Patients who snore consistently experience a lower quality of sleep, which can affect their mood and performance throughout the day as well as cause undue stress. Fortunately, many patients can find relief from snoring with a custom-designed oral appliance provided by their general dentists.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring is commonly caused by oral tissues partially blocking your airway while you sleep. As the airway grows obstructed, the air passing through it is forced through a tighter space, increasing the air pressure. As a result, breathing can cause the tissues in your throat to vibrate loudly, causing you to snore. If you sleep with a partner, the noise can interrupt their sleep as it jolts them awake. Even if you sleep alone, however, the mechanisms behind snoring can pose a risk to your long-term systemic health if the issue is not addressed.

Treatment Options

For patients who want to stop snoring, dentists can often design a custom oral appliance that they can wear while they sleep. The appliance can be tailored to support your lower jaw in a comfortable position that prevents oral tissues from blocking the airway. By helping you stop snoring, the appliance can also provide a comfortable and discreet way for you to get the deep, restful sleep that you deserve.

If your snoring is indicative of a sleep disorder, particularly sleep apnea, then a custom oral appliance may also help you treat the disorder before it begins affecting your daily life.