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Karey Matthews, DDS
specialty: Dentist
subscription: $39.98/month
ages treated: 3 - 100
95 Madison Ave. Ste #401
Morristown, NJ 07960
Dr. Karey P. Matthews is dedicated to providing attentive and compassionate dental care to patients in the Morristown and greater New Jersey community. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University, Dr. Matthews was awarded his dental degree from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. He received training in Pediatric Dentistry in a pediatric dental residency program in the Bronx, New York. Dr. Matthews has also served as a research fellow at both the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Matthews prides himself on always staying current with the most advanced dental technologies and he has received special training in implant, laser, Invisalign and oral surgery dentistry. Dr. Matthews is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the Columbia University Dental Alumni Association, Club de Regatas Lima and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. For more information please visit
Reviews (53)
Marjorie U.
I’m hesitant to leave a review because since Attentive Dental Care is so good, I know others will want to do there too after reading this. I did my research and scheduled an appointment for x-rays and a cleaning. Every aspect of the care deserves top marks, everything from the front desk staff, to the hygienists, to Dr. Matthews himself. They were compassionate and gentle. They kept me informed during the entire process. I highly recommend Attentive Dental Care.
Jenna D.
In a nearby town, I came into a dentist office for a loose tooth and was told to expect to get it removed and to come back during a scheduled appointment. I then showed up at Morristown NJ after hearing about Dr. Matthews at the Attentive Dental Care clinic. I walked in, and the mood was completely different. The staff treated me like a friend, not a client. They were more worried about me leaving their office with a tooth ready to drop out of my mouth. We considered my options due to me not having insurance, and they went to work. Dr. Matthews worked through his break to give me a double bridge. The bill didn’t break the bank, and I received outstanding work. I recommend this dental clinic!
Catalina T.
I am new to Morristown NJ, and I had the arduous task of finding a new dental office. My first pick was a home run. Attentive Dental Care is very professional, upfront with its cost after insurance, and it was a very refreshing change from my past clinics. The dental hygienist was great, and I really enjoyed my visit and work done by Dr. Matthews. Everyone seemed to have my welfare at heart and provided excellent service. In one instance, the dentist stayed after hours due to my work schedule.
Heidi A.
I adore the Attentive Dental Care office and the dentist Dr. Matthews. I was looking for a family & patient-oriented office, this is the second office I’ve been to, and I know I have found it. Dr. Matthews is very knowledgeable with impeccable chairside manner. My two children have visited other dentists known for doing well with children, and they didn’t even come close to him. The office has an incredible vibe, and I highly recommend this dental clinic.
Jenn S.
Attentive Dental Care was the best care I have ever received at a dental office. Everyone from the desk staff to the dentist, Dr. Matthews, was so calm, inviting, clean, and made my experience there very pleasant. I have had a few bad experiences in the past with dentists, but I’m happy I went out on a limb to try Attentive Dental Care. I have already told most of my family and friends in the area about this office. I have even started referring them to the people that come through my real estate office.
Fareedha P.
I just moved into the Morristown NJ area and started looking around for a well-respected dental office that has experience with bonding teeth before I attended a party. I gave Attentive Dental Care a call, and the staff member that answered the phone was so polite. My hygienist was very friendly and seemed to really try and connect with the clients. Dr. Karey Matthews did my bonding work, and it was quick, painless, and pleasant. I will be definitely be giving them my business for my regular dental checkups.
Maureen S.
I had a great experience from start to finish. The office just had a great atmosphere, from the spotless facility to the super inviting staff. My cleaning and dental checkup with Dr. Matthews was as excellent as could be. He and his team at Attentive Dental Care are friendly and punctual.
Randy B.
Attentive Dental Care is absolutely exceptional in every aspect. My previous dentist required the old manual way of cleaning teeth, and it was painful. Fortunately, Dr. Matthews lets them use a sonic scaler, which made the whole experience painless. There is also plenty of parking, which can sometimes be rare for the Morristown area. If you are looking for a new dentist office to call home, give Attentive Dental Care a call.
Jenni M.
I moved to the Morristown NJ area, and I was nervous about trying to find a dentist office that I like. Attentive Dental Care blew me away. I was in the chair for my cleaning, made the next appointment, and was driving away within half an hour. The staff was so friendly and professional, and Dr. Matthews didn’t suggest any costly, unnecessary procedures. They will definitely have my repeat business.
Avital G.
I’ve gone to Attentive Dental Care since last December. I’m anxious about going to the dentist, and I’ve hidden from a dental chair for years, but one of the worst toothaches I’ve ever experienced caused me to visit the office in Morristown NJ. My partner is now a client of Dr. Matthews. Thank you for making dental visits bearable. I’ll be seeing you again soon.
Anthony M.
Dr. Matthews is easily my favorite dentist; who thought someone would say they have a favorite dentist? I walked into the building, and they set me up with the initial paperwork and even let me get squeezed in that day which seems rare in Morristown. The office paperwork runs so smoothly, you can fill out most of it online. Attentive Dental Care will also contact your insurance BEFORE the work is done to make sure it's covered. The office is immaculately clean, open, and the latest equipment is used. My first experience was unbelievable. When I was being escorted back, I was greeted by nearly everyone, and they all knew my name. Its incredible for a place that's usually associated with discomfort, that they make you feel so at home.
Rickey M.
Attentive Dental Care is by far the best office I have ever seen. I work and live in the area of Morristown NJ, and I pass this office countless times on the way to work. I splurged a bit and ate a piece of candy that moved my crown on one of my teeth. I didn’t have dental insurance at the time, so I panicked. I called another local office, and they quoted me over $1000 to fix the tooth. I told them no thanks. My coworker told me to stop by this office and see if they could help, and boy did they. Dr. Karey Matthews said they could glue it back on for significantly less, and he is so warm mannered and professional. I’m glad I found a dentist that cares about the person with the teeth, not just attempting to rack up the bill. The entire appointment was painless, both in my mouth and my wallet. Please give these people a shot at your business!
Poupee C.
I was blown away with Attentive Dental Care. One detail I noticed was the convenient parking. The second was the extent of the professionalism and care the front desk staff treated us with. I was walked back as soon as I arrived and they started the cleaning. I was stoked with the fact they didn’t require the hundreds of X-rays, and it wasn’t an uncomfortable process. I also enjoyed the flow of the office and the decorations; it gave the office a very modern feel which seemed very sophisticated. The area was extremely sanitary as well. I expressed my appreciation of this clinic and Dr. Matthews, and now my partner and best friend are going to become patients too. I cannot say enough how much I loved my experience. I’m beyond impressed.
Teresa P.
Attentive Dental Care and its staff headed by Dr. Matthews are the epitome of professionalism. They are super friendly, skillful, and use the latest technology. They make the dreaded “going to the dentist” feeling disappear. The atmosphere of the facility definitely gives it a one of a kind feel. I had a minor issue with one of my teeth, and the dentist didn’t feel the need to add it to my bill outside of my scheduled cleaning. You cannot go wrong with Dr. Matthews!
Allie R.
After my second visit, I’m thrilled with my service I have received at Attentive Dental Care. The team is super friendly, and the space is very tidy and modern. A common issue is I don’t like going to the dentist, but upon my arrival at this clinic they didn’t pass judgment or try to make me feel guilty, they just presented their plans for me to make up for the time I was absent from dental care. I cannot wait to have a rejuvenated smile and healthy teeth again; I’m looking forward to being a long term patient of Dr. Matthews. If you live or work in Morristown, NJ, the office is so conveniently placed with plenty of parking. You can’t ask for anything better than that!
Suzy B.
I adore Dr. Matthew’s office. The team he has at Attentive Dental Care are so friendly and attentive. I hardly sat down once before he fixed a chip on one of my teeth. I have a very hectic schedule, and this office in Morristown NJ takes the time to follow up with your every appointment and confirm the times are still good for me, and frequently call back advising of a free slot that has opened up. Dr. Matthews even called me personally once to make sure I get a cleaning to prevent major issues from occurring. I just really appreciate the level of care this office takes with its patients.
Paula F.
As I sat in the waiting area for my appointment time, the dentist Dr. Matthews came to introduce himself to me due to being a new patient, and I really found that unique. I was then ushered back to see the hygienist, who was very thorough with her inspection of my mouth, and she made the x-ray process painless. She even went as far as explaining the different quadrants of my mouth and the common trouble areas. They used a very nifty sonic scaler to clean my teeth, which was much more pleasant than the manual way. Dr. Matthews came in and complimented her work. I was more than happy with my initial visit, and I will be likely to recommend the Attentive Dental Care Clinic in Morristown, NJ.
Ashley G.
My first meeting with the dental hygienist and Dr. Matthews occurred recently. The team members there seem so joyed to work at this office, and they were extremely professional. This office won’t force you into unnecessary tests or procedures to increase your bill. I have a hard time comprehending how long it took to find such an office like this in Morristown NJ. My hygienist was very friendly. The service I found here is excellent, with very modest pricing. When I left the office, I had no copay. Without a doubt, Attentive Dental Care is my favorite place so far. I even took some cards to pass out to my friends and family.
Keesha F.
I was very hesitant in writing this review in fear that Attentive Dental Care clinic might get flooded with patients, but I felt the need to let people know this staff lead by Dr. Matthews is one of a kind. Everyone at Attentive Dental Care is very warm and inviting. They keep my busy schedule in mind while giving me appointment times that fit my needs.
Dee N.
I was floored from start to finish with the Attentive Dental Care clinic in Morristown, NJ. The front desk staff were unbelievably sweet, the dental hygienist was impeccable, and Dr. Matthews is the epitome of professionalism and making his patients comfortable. The friendly staff is very flexible with making appointments, and with insurance, all the out of pocket expenses are very manageable for one on a budget.
Valerie H.
I’m a huge fan of the Attentive Dental Care clinic in Morristown, NJ. It's conveniently placed, and I’ve never had an issue finding a spot at the clinic. I’ve been going here for the past 3 or more years, and I love my dental hygienist, she happens to be the dental assistant. The space is definitely a modern concept that flows really well. They are very punctual; I cannot recall one time I was there for more than an hour. Thank goodness all I’ve had to get is cleanings so far! Most of their paperwork can be completed easily. They’re a very forward-thinking dental office lead by Dr. Karey Matthews. Incredible job, ADC!
Alexandre K.
Attentive Dental Care easily has the best crew in Morristown NJ, I adore this dental clinic. Dr. Matthews is passionate about his work, and it definitely shows. He walks you through everything step by step, and really tries to connect with his patients and makes them feel very comfortable. You won’t leave this office without a smile on your face. I recommend them highly.
Leah M.
I adore the staff at Attentive Dental Care. My previous hygienist left this office, and she was one of my favorites. However, the new one I had today treated me with the same level of professionalism and was extremely friendly. The dentists I saw, Dr. Matthews, has quite an entertaining personality and is extremely knowledgeable. They have a pleasant atmosphere with good customer service. The space is so clean and modern. I highly recommend Attentive Dental Care.
Brian D.
I just visited Dr. Karey Matthews recently, and I couldn’t be happier with the service I’ve experienced. I received impeccable customer service and professionalism from the staff as a whole. Dr. Matthews is extraordinarily skilled and took his time to make sure I understood what he was doing and all the options that were available to me. Everything from the major dental work to the cleanings has been incredible. The experience at the Attentive Dental Care clinic in Morristown, NJ was one of a kind, and I’m thrilled I found them.
Art O.
I am incredibly comfortable with Attentive Dental Care. I am a former patient of Dr. Matthews; however, due to other obligations, I had to use a different dental practice. Nothing compared to the treatment I received at Attentive Dental Care. I decided to come back, and it was like I never left. I felt so welcome. The staff was so outgoing and kind. Plus, the exam rooms were first rate, better than any other dentist’s office I’ve seen. I give Attentive Dental Care my highest recommendation thanks to their superior care!
Lindsay I.
I have gone to Attentive Dental Care for a couple weeks and have received outstanding services. After having decided to further invest in my smile, I got top porcelain veneers. I’ve seen great results so far. I had a wonderful experience at my molding and prepping appointment. I had my gum contouring procedure today and would highly recommend this process if you have a small smile. I am so impressed with Dr. Matthews!
Amanda L.
Dr. Matthews and the rest of the staff are amazing! They are so nice, gentle, and caring. They explained everything to me, which made me feel comfortable instead of scared. I got two crowns, one of which needed a root canal. Dr. Matthews knew exactly what to do. My crowns feel great and look wonderful! Thank you Dr. Matthews and all the staff at Attentive Dental Care for calming my nerves.
Wesley M.
I have been going to Attentive Dental Care since it opened. The friendly receptionist does a great job accommodating my schedule. They even offer to do fillings right after cleaning appointments so you don’t have to come back a second time. I really trust Dr. Karey Matthews. He does a thorough job. I’m so glad to have found such a wonderful dentist.
Maria M.
Attentive Dental Care is an amazing dental clinic. They have a wonderful receptionist, and Dr. Matthews did a great job. He explained things to me that I wish I had done years ago. I was worried that I might have to have some teeth pulled, but I didn’t. They also tried very hard to get me an appointment quickly, which was so thoughtful. By the way, they take incredible x-rays too. You should definitely look into Attentive Dental Care.
Jacqueline S.
The experience I had at Attentive Dental Care was the best ever. Dr. Matthews has created a spa-like environment. I felt pampered while I had my teeth worked on. You can’t ask for better than that!
Lynne M.
Attentive Dental Care is the best dental office ever. I can here to get a royal smile. They made me feel like a princess in preparation for my coronation day. I was even able to schedule my appointment to receive a dental crown on the same day. The staff is awesome. They are very friendly and accessible, which I love. I highly recommend Dr. Matthews and Attentive Dental Care!
Christina S.
After my first experience at Attentive Dental Care, I have to say, it was incredible. Everyone was very helpful. They were friendly and answered all my questions. Thank you to everyone at Attentive Dental Care in Morristown, NJ for making this such a great experience.
Mark S.
I’ve never been to a dentist as friendly as Dr. Matthews. I almost forgot I was at a dentist given how calm the atmosphere was. The X-ray and teeth cleaning process was thorough and painless. Every time I go to Attentive Dental Care, I know exactly what to expect; there are no surprises. I highly recommend Dr. Matthews. You won’t be disappointed.
Samma L.
I’ve been going to Dr. Matthews since I was 17 years old. He helped me get the perfect smile with Invisalign. I won a major beauty pageant title in 2018, and I knew I would be in front of the camera quite a bit. I needed an excellent smile. Dr. Matthews contoured the front of my smile and bonded some resin to my teeth. I’ve never been more confident in my smile. I go to Attentive Dental Care for my routine cleanings. The hygienists always have smiles on their faces. Dr. Matthews is a wonderful family dentist for all ages. I couldn’t recommend Attentive Dental Care more.
Krystle B.
Attentive Dental Care is without a doubt the best place for dental work. My fiancé went here to get an exam, and the staff was incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable. Dr. Matthews was great, as was her assistant. They kindly took the time to explain everything to her and made great suggestions. I would definitely recommend Attentive Dental Care.
Aileen C.
I recently had an excellent appointment with Dr. Matthews. I was nervous because I had dealt with some impatient dentists when I was younger, but the staff at Attentive Dental Care was sensitive to my needs. They checked in with me regularly, which kept me calm. I was so impressed by the amazing staff that I wasn’t nervous when I had to schedule a follow-up filling. I would highly recommend Dr. Matthews and the rest of the staff at Attentive Dental Care. They are excellent! I’m so glad I have found my new dentist in Morristown, NJ.
Jessica R.
Dr. Matthews and the excellent staff at Attentive Dental Care treat their patients like family. They go above and beyond to provide the best possible care, and they have a wonderful office. Thank you for doing such a great job!
Maria S.
I’ve had dental work done multiple times, and Dr. Matthews always does an amazing job. The staff at Attentive Dental Care is honest and offers very fair rates. They will go out of their way to help everyone, which is a rarity these days. Their office is very clean and well-detailed. A great place to get your teeth cleaned!
Kelly M.
Attentive Dental Care in Morristown, NJ is a wonderful dental facility. First of all, the dentists and staff are incredibly friendly, which makes it a pleasant place to visit. They truly care. I have no complaints whatsoever!
Katiara P.
After getting off a 12-hour night shift, I had an appointment at Attentive Dental Care at 9:00. I hadn’t been there in 6 months, the receptionist knew exactly who I was. I arrived an hour early, and an early appointment had canceled, so they didn’t hesitate to get me in right away. This friendly and courteous staff always greets you with a smile and are very helpful with weekend appointments.
Dez L.
Attentive Dental Care is the best dentist office ever! I love the friendly staff. Dr. Matthews does a great job. He is very professional, and the atmosphere is very clean and inviting.
Kerri B.
I have worked for Attentive Dental Care for multiple years, and I cannot say enough good things about this practice. There is a family atmosphere. Each team member is valued. I love my job, and it shows! I can say, without a doubt, that Attentive Dental Care is the best place in Morristown, NJ to meet all your dental needs. Patients enjoy their experience--cleanings, bleachings, even BOTOX. I have dealt with tooth sensitivity for many years and have even fear of going to the dentist in the past, but Dr. Karey Matthews makes appointments comfortable. Attentive Dental Care provides quality care for me and all patients.
Jovonne C.
It’s a bit odd to say you enjoyed a dental visit, but I must admit I actually enjoyed my recent experience at Attentive Dental Care. My hygienist was amazing and did a spectacular job. She was thorough and professional in addition to being informative and charming. I normally hate getting my teeth cleaned, but she and I had such a great conversation that I nearly forgot I was having a cleaning in the first place!
Nina C.
This was my first visit with my three sons, but Dr. Matthews is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met! He epitomizes the saying “she makes everybody feel like a somebody,” as she and her staff were incredibly patient and kind. We’ve been to another pediatric dentist in the Morristown, NJ area, but Attentive Dental Care is the absolute best.
Alexandra A.
I took my elderly mother to Attentive Dental Care to get a complete set of denture. She needed 3 extractions. The dental assistant was very helpful when it came to making the decision of which type of dentures to select. Dr. Matthews is wonderful and incredibly thorough. He makes sure everything is perfect. My mother had quite a bit of work done--three extractions, impressions, and ultimately dentures--yet we paid a third of the price that other dentists asked for. Everything was top quality. Thank you Dr. Matthews for such a wonderful experience and for fixing my mother’s smile.
John C.
Dr. Matthews and the staff at Attentive Dental Care are wonderful! Initially, my kids were terrified of trips to the dentist, but the hygienist made them laugh and feel comfortable right away. Dr. Matthews was friendly and accepting. Just what we had hoped for. The office is very welcoming. We have found the best dentist in Morristown NJ!
Cyn K.
Dr. Matthews and his staff have been taking care of my family’s dental work for years. They are great at accommodating you in the event of an emergency and also make sure you show up for your regular cleanings. There is truly a family atmosphere Attentive Dental Care to the point where I don’t mind going to the dentist. He always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I’ve recommended this Dr. Karey Matthews to multiple clients who have moved here from out of town. We couldn’t love her more!
Vanessa C.
Dr. Matthews is without a doubt the best dentist in Morristown, NJ. I have had quite a bit of dental work and oral surgery. Dr. Karey Matthews doesn’t rush through appointments, so make sure you make an appointment on a day when you don’t have additional plans. You won’t be treated like a number, nor will you hear about unnecessary dental work, which will save you a lot of money. He is honest and truthful, a truly caring dentist who gets to know her patients well. He is truly the best!
Matthew T.
I had a terrific experience. I was only in Morristown, NJ temporarily, but I needed a cleaning before returning home to my usual dentist. It was easy to schedule an appointment and fill out the necessary paperwork. The staff was friendly and efficient. Dr. Matthews took great care of me, and no one tried to convince me to get an unnecessary service.
Niki G.
I’m very impressed with the care I received from Dr. Karey Matthews of Attentive Dental Care. Both his hygienist and he were very friendly and professional. They provided me with a possible treatment plan but didn’t push me to have other work done in addition to my cleaning. I’m so impressed that I recommended my husband and friends see Dr. Matthews as well.
Andie L.
This dentistry is in a great location for anyone who lives on the west side of Morristown. Dr. Karey Matthews makes sure you’re comfortable and is willing to talk through everything with you. My wife and I have been trying to find a patient and thorough dentist for years, and I’m glad we finally found one. Our teeth have never looked better thanks to Dr. Karey Matthews. Attentive Dental Care has a spotless office and the best technology available. He is very thorough and nice, everyone should go to him.
Jenny L
This is a great place to go if you have young children. My daughter has been going here since she was four, and the staff has been amazingly patient with her, even when she’s been extremely nervous throughout the years. They are friendly and explain everything they’re doing to keep the child comfortable. I loved that I got to sit in the exam room during her appointment, not a lot of dentists do that -but they should!- The doctors are great and they really know what they’re doing with young kids. They’re very gentle, and the staff is always friendly and welcoming. We hardly ever have to wait for our scheduled appointment.
Ben W.
I was referred to Dr. Matthews by a friend of mine for Invisalign. Not only he is my son's primary dentist, but he is also my granddaughter's dentist for her dental care. He is the best dentist.
Save up to 90% on your visit!
Unlike dental insurance, a direct dental plan with Dr. Matthews and Doctors Network is a membership that gives you access to significant discounts on almost all of our services. Everyone can join for a low monthly fee of $39.98 and a one-time activation fee of the equal amount. The cost of membership is typically a fraction of most dental insurance premiums.
Patients who sign up for a direct dental plan through our office in Morristown can attend routine preventive exams and cleanings for only $25 per visit. This includes X-rays, when necessary, and the cost does not change no matter how many times you visit per year. When cosmetic or restorative treatment is required, the costs of your treatment will be discounted by up to 90%, including fillings, dental crowns, dental implants, Invisalign® and more.
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$2000 - 3000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
Sign Up for a Direct Dental Plan with Dr. Matthews
Dr. Matthews, our team, and the experts at Doctors Network share the common goal of making dental care simpler, more affordable, and more attainable for all of our patients. Please note that a direct dental plan is not insurance, and is not designed to replace your existing coverage. We offer this direct dental plan to help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and therefore maintain your oral health.
If you have questions about Doctors Network, or are ready to sign up, then contact Dr. Matthews at Attentive Dental Care today, or call Doctors Network at 1-866-800-3168.
doctors network cost
Check-ups, x-rays & Cleanings
$35 - 65
Root Canals
$350 - 500
Dental Implants
$75 - $100
$2000 - 3000
Teeth Whitening
* Not every doctor performs all of the procedures on this fee schedule. Please contact your prospective doctor directly for details before signing up.
Family Dental Care for Everyone in Morristown, NJ
Routine family dentistry is as important to your smile as good hygiene. For example, preventive exams and cleanings are necessary to avoid dental issues such as tooth decay and gingivitis. At our Morristown, NJ dental office, Dr. Matthews and our team offer an array of general dental procedures to help you enjoy a lifetime of beautiful smiles.
The Value of General Dentistry
When it comes to your oral as well as your overall health, prevention is vital. Therefore, the main focus of exceptional dental care is preventing issues from developing in the first place. Besides practicing good hygiene, professional dental cleanings and exams help stop the formation of plaque and tartar. Other treatments, such as scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), bone and gum grafts, dental extractions, and more, can also help you address existing issues before they worsen.
Excellent Dental Health in the Long Run
During your dental appointment, your dentist will carefully perform a comprehensive dental exam for signs of trouble. Then he or she will discuss your options for treatment to stop the problem from growing worse. However, successfully protecting your smile from further trouble will still rely on ongoing general dental care.
Schedule a Visit with Your Morristown Dentist Today!
By helping you avoid serious dental issues, general dentistry is essential to enjoying a lifetime of healthy smiles. To schedule your next visit, call Dr. Matthews's dental office in Morristown, NJ today at (973) 998-8877.
For more information please call 1-866-800-3168. Doctors Network is not Insurance, but a dental plan offered by dentists to reduce the cost of dental care for their patients.